The Single Girl

Spring Summer 2015

Women attained a new level of liberation in the 1960s, and clothing reflected this. Previous fashions constrained and controlled the body; this era reinvented fashion, expressing themes of confidence, optimism, and unapologetic femininity. This collection pairs fabrics in a quintessentially 1960s manner, with dark brown satin above latex pants, beaded embellishments on off-white tulle, and pale yellow silks contrasted by sheer and metallic garments. Slimline skirts and tweedy two-piece suits with soft, rounded shoulders conjure a stopover in a space age first class lounge. Futuristic clothing elements inspired by The Jetsons shine through with structural twists and curvatures that almost mimic the fluid Perspex furniture of the '60s. Citing cultural icons such as Jane Birkin and Brigit Bardot, Nielsen dedicated her collection to the women of this era who shaped and influenced the world as we see it.

Hair Direction:
Sergio Renis for Windle & Moodie

Hair Company:
Windle & Moodie

Makeup Direction:
Romero Jennings for MAC Cosmetics

Makeup Company:
MAC Cosmetics


David Evans

Latex Undergarments:
William Wilde

CARAT Diamonds

UP Models:
Alina A. 
Elisa Z. 
Sophie Prats


Show Photographer:
Anita Leung

Backstage photography:
Ramir MSW Borninfashion

Show Video: 
JLP Films Paris

Ken Watanabe



Alexandre Boulais Communication, Paris

Show Venue:
Salon du Louvre, 66 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Paris