Berceau de l’humanité

Autumn Winter 2014

The origins of our humanity are rationalized and explained through myth and legend. With Berceau de L'Humanité, Corrie Nielsen takes us on a woman’s journey through mythological archetypes, experiencing intense emotions like love, seduction, and pain. The colours and fabrics that make up this collection are all linked to the arts, literature, and mythical characters. Black, navy, and plum evoke the intensity and seduction of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The dreamy, Baroque style of Flemish artist Sir Peter Paul Rubens is seen throughout the sculptural forms of the collection, with round, bold shoulders and a balloon-esque skirt emphasizing the movement and sensuality of the female form. Soft metallic satins and French lace call on the purity of Joan of Arc’s martyrdom and devotion to religion. Corrie effortlessly weaves passion and desperation into this collection, creating garments that embody our understanding of human existence.

Hair Direction:
Johanna Cree Brown for Trevor Sorbie

Hair Company:
L’oreal Pro

Makeup Direction:
James Molloy for Mac Cosmetics

Makeup Company:
MAC Cosmetics


Casting and Styling Direction:
Beth Buxton

Hartwood England

UPModels, Paris


Show Photographer:
Daniel Sims

Official Backstage Photographer:
Anita Leung

Show Video:
JLP Films Paris

Ken Watanabe


Alexandre Boulais Communications, Paris

Show Venue:
Le Salon des Miroirs, 13 Passage Jouffroy, Paris