A Winter's Melodie

Autumn Winter 2011

Elizabethan shapes, volume, and drapery meet the sensuality and cinched waists of 1940s French haute couture in this collection. Inspired by oil portraits of European aristocracy, these pieces feature classic, luxury fabrics and rich colors that exude the grandeur and sophistication of high society. The daywear adds volume and diversity to traditional silhouettes, featuring ruff-inspired tulle necklines and tailored wool-cashmere jackets, with each piece being structurally distinct. Bolder evening wear features silk metallics and duchesse satin in deep jewel tones for a sleek, regal look. Corsetry and tulip-shaped skirts play with the contours of the female form through statement cocktail dresses, adding a hint of romance to winter's dark days.

Hair Direction:
Sergio Renis for Windle & Moodie

Hair Company: 
Windle & Moodie

Makeup Direction:
Ruth Wiles, Tomoko Baba for MAC Cosmetics

Makeup Company:
MAC Cosmetics




Georgina Goodman


Jayne Blight



IMG Models:

Madeleine Welch, Annie, Tara Jean

FM Models:

Premier Models:
Emma Yansen, Alicia R, Melinda S

Union Models:
Johanna Feldmeier

Profile Models:
Anais, Alyona, Louise, Signe




Catwalk Photographer:
Sean Cunningham
Asia Werbel

Film Director:
Anton Yavorsky

Ken Watanabe

Show Production:

Intelligent PR

Show Venue:
BFC showspace, Somerset House, London