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Couture is fashion at its most extravagant. Unburdened by commercial restrictions, it is the ultimate creative art form for a designer. Corrie Nielsen, a London-based designer of prêt-à-porter garments, has decided that her skills are better suited to the world of couture .

"I've always been a couturier at heart," Nielsen says. "After receiving feedback from the press and buyers, I felt pursuing couture was the right fit, considering the way I work and the construction of the design that goes into collection pieces." Indeed, as one of the few modern designers who does everything by hand — from sketches and pattern-creating to fabric-cutting and weaving — she's already a veritable one-woman atelier. Her previous lines, while described as ready-to-wear, bore many hallmarks more commonly associated with more technical couture designs, featuring clever structuring and incredible attention to detail.

Nielsen’s couture abilities have been widely recognised by her peers. Her design trademarks include complex, sculptural silhouettes and lavish themes of romance and escapism — all while drawing on distinctive design movements and fashions throughout history. 

"Couture is about the craft," Nielsen adds. "It's about the approach to making the dress. But, to me, couture is also a state of mind."

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