Corrie Nielsen Archive Sale Presents Rare Opportunity 24/06/2022

When museums deaccession artworks, the process is often difficult for the people working in the institution but it's a necessary step — and one that presents a great opportunity for collectors around the world to acquire objects with good provenance. In a similar way, an archive sale from an established fashion house allows designers to make room for new pieces while offering fashion connoisseurs a chance to purchase rare items that enhance their wardrobes.

“Redefining my brand as couture first and foremost has given me a moment to reassess my past prêt-à-porter work and make some decisions about what to keep and what to let go," said Corrie Nielsen. "It's time to make room for new designs and new projects, which means relinquishing items from earlier collections.”  

In preparation for her upcoming couture collection, Nielsen is listing a variety of classic pieces from past collections for sale in her online boutique. Each coveted item is straight off the catwalk. Every piece features Nielsen’s distinct silhouettes, sculpted forms, luxury fabrics, and attention to detail. These high fashion garments are the building blocks of distinctive wardrobes. This archive sale is a once-in-a-decade opportunity for collectors to acquire designer finery in pristine condition for sale at modest prices. 


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