Waistcoat with Pleated Fuseau Trouser

£1,098 SALE

Waistcoat with Vanishing Lapel (off white) S/S 2012: Fitted waistcoat with Intricate cut lapel and a front left side pocket sewn in above the bust. Centre front buttons sewn on the outside for opening and closing the front. The lower back of the waistcoat has a strap with a buckle for tightening. Outer Fabric:100% wool in off white, 100% silk in off white duchesse satin. Lining:100% silk in off white. Size 10 LAST ONE

Pleated Fuseau Trousers (Off White) S/S 2012: Fitted trouser with twisted pleats starting at the sides of the waist, that twist down around the front leg to the bottom hem of the trouser. The centre front placket has buttons sewn in for opening and closing the trouser. Fabric:100% wool in off white. Size 10 LAST ONE

Original price: £2,338   The waistcoat and trouser are sold together as a complete look. Final sale.