Dropped Crotch Trouser

£695 SALE

Dropped Crotch Trouser S/S 2011: High waisted low crotch trouser is cut with an outer trouser that attaches to the inside facing around the waist. The inside facing is fitted around the waist and has a front placket with buttons for opening and closing. There are buttons sewn around the top edge of the inside facing which buttons through the button holes of the outer trouser holding the outer back and side drape of the trouser. There are two jet pockets sewn in the back of the outer trouser. The trouser includes a sash for tying around the waist. Fabric:100% wool in royal navy blue; Lining:100% cotton in red and white stripe. Size10 LAST ONE

Original price: £1,397   The Trouser is sold separately from the fichu top. Final sale.